Credit Consultant MasterClass

Start Your Own Credit Repair Business With The Attitude, Body & Credit Academy


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Credit Consultant MasterClass

Start Your Own Credit Repair Business With The Attitude, Body & Credit Academy
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Are You Ready To Start And Grow Your Credit Repair Business?

Hey Friends, I am Shawn Stewart Camps, known to most as BawssLady. I am the CEO and Founder of The Amir Group and The Attitude, Body & Credit Academy. I started my businesses to help and empower entrepreneurs like myself.

When I had bad credit, I employed a company that I felt could repair my credit and assist me with my goals. After paying them for several months with no results, I decided to take materials in my own hands. I studied the credit laws, took classes, and began working on my own credit. Once I increased my score by 200 points, I improved my family and friends credit scores. I realized that repairing credit and correcting inaccurate information on credit reports was my passion!

It was time for me to start my credit repair agency, The Amir Group, and I did. Now, I want to help others start and scale their businesses. I am teaching you what has helped me become successful in the credit repair industry.

The Credit Consultant MasterClass Provides:

Live 2-Day Training with Board Certified Credit Consultant, Shawn Stewart Camps, Training Materials, Group Coaching, 30 Days of Mentoring and Advance Dispute Letters.

Each Module Will Cover:

Module 1: All The Things Credit

In Module 1, you will learn how the difference between FICO and Vantage scores, how to obtain and read a credit report, when and what to dispute and more.

Module 2: Getting It Back On Track

In Module 2, you will learn the laws that govern consumers, what items that can be deleted from a credit report, when to contact the CFPB and additional topics will also be covered.

Module 3: Where The Money Resides

In this module, we will discuss late payments, student loans and bankruptcy.

Module 4: You Are The Boss

In Module 4, you will learn what it takes to become a credit repair consultant and provide the tools to help you successfully serve your clients. We will also discuss contracts, CRMs and credit repair software.

Module 5: Legal Me Please

In this module, you will be shown all the steps you need to follow to become a registered business. You will also learn about business credit and business funding.

Module 6: I Am My Brand

Branding and marketing are very important to your business. In this module, you will learn how to brand yourself as a credit expert.

Module 7: Visit Me 24/7

A website is a must in the credit repair industry. You will hear about the different hosting companies that are available for you. More importantly than a website, is your merchant account. You will learn which merchant accounts are good for your business.

Module 8: More Money; Less Problems

In the last module, you will receive training on how to add multiple streams of income to increase your bottom line. Also, you will learn about other professionals you will need to ensure continued success.

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Starting a credit repair business is hard work. However, at The Attitude, Body & Credit Academy, we are here for you every step of the way. Our goal is for you to be fruitful on your journey to entrepreneurship. Your accomplishments are measured by your standards.

Friend, I hope to see you in The ABC Academy!

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